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Critical Information on the Psychocorpagov't Census and the Sovereignty Ideology:

Every Census worker that came here to my cabin on the edge of the wilderness got the education of their lives - literally and figuratively... Chemtrail planes punctuated it all.
By the time they left their version of reality was reverted to the harsh reality we now face.
I kept them coming by refusing to fill out the forms.
They requested I give them a couple of answers, which I withheld during the two hour conversations in which I held telephone conferences with co activists who kept reinforcing everything I said.
This method of communication proved most effective.
Unfortunately there is no component of our respective power structures designed to or capable of doing anything about any of this as it is all perpetrated through the global Satanic - Zionist/Talmudic - Masonic Master - slave hierarchy from the highest position of advantage encompassing everything of human significance.
Trying to assert "sovereignty" in such a geopolitical environment as exists presently is merely another form of protest which is equal to begging and will get you and everyone you know data mined, classified and processed just like facebook/social "NET" "Working" and everything else hooked up to the "NET"/"WEB"/"on LINE".
It is a Masonic - Talmudic - Satanic TRAP to do precisely that.
ALL information is completely controlled.
All technology...
Of course there is NO viable technological alternative.
The ONLY thing that would change the current terratyranny is a dramatic change in the social order. Period.
Everything else is just talk.
Whatever laws we thought protected us were designed to enslave us just like everything else of significance and the NWO will never concede a thing to us as they are in no position to have to.
In short, you cannot fight the new world order by talking about or trying to interpret their rules to suit your position.
No Masonic Minion in the Bench, Bar or Crown will allow it to win or set precedent. They are complicit.
Proving that already ocurred.
Nothing changed.
No sovereignty guru has achieved anything in their courts but awaken the rest of us to the big scam and in turn, got us all into another dead end rabbit hole or "track", only to be data mined, classified/spied on and processed with advanced technologies.
My friend, co activist, First Nations Activist, Advocate, Residential School Survivour and *Sovereign Verifier since 1972 Stee - mas had accomplished more in their courts than any of the gurus the majority of sovereign minded individuals follow, parrot and applaud - put together.
He was assassinated by the military - industrial - medical mafia here in Vancouver, BC, 'canada'; in 2014, but not before
- having a cancer operation that was "successful" and which he was told had removed all of the cancer tumors from his body
- going down to the Vancouver Stock Exchange two days after the surgery (instead of staying at home to recuperate) and getting a document from the New York Stock Exchange that showed that we are all corporate assets traded on the NYSE and that one of our shareholders was Douchebag and now High Commissioner to the EU Gordon Campbell. The document *could not be photocopied for distribution - anywhere.
- being called by his oncologist/medical mercenaries and told that one of the tumors broke and that he was "full of cancer" and dragged back into the hospital *ten days later where he was medically mutilated and ultimately assassinated.
Just prior to the first cancer diagnosis, Stee - mas, Sovereign Wa7tsek, myself and another co activist were in the process of exposing the Fraudulent First Nations Injustice 'Activist'/"guru" Kevin Annet when we were all electronically/technetronically incapacitated. Wa7tsek and I felt like we were several hundred years old and couldn't get out of bed, Mia's 2 yr old son was hospitalised with (allegedly) 'croup' - aka advanced biological - technetronic warfare; technetronic "chemphlegm". Stee - mas was hospitalised for an emergency hip operation... then developed cancer.
All of those symptoms are among a myriad of technetronic health symptoms caused in increasing numbers in the politically active community and the general population as well.
We are being scrutinised, data mined, classified and processed based on our political activity as we are all frog marched into the hot stage of WWIII.
What the ruthless ruling group did to the global indigenous populations under Colonialism they (Earth, Inc) are now doing to all of us under Globalism.
Like the late, Great Lakhota Chief Russel Means stated, "We are all on the reservation now."
Harden Up to the Brutal Truth, take it off line and away from ***** ALL***** technology & FTNWO HARD!!!

- Alex Hunter