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EBOLA:  Rappaport: Ebolagate - 47 Questions and Answers

Jon Rappoport - CDC Fraud: Vaccine Autism Link & Ebola

First Domestic Ebola Case in Texas, UN Warns Could Go Airborne
Please go to www.NoMoreFakeNews.com or the AntiCorruptionSociety.com to learn the PSYWAR and FEAR tactics being used on the people - the real threat will be the vaccines . . . Remember the US has the Ebola patent . . Think about that!  Understand war is being waged against the global populations and we are all the enemies of the international banking cartels. . Local, state and federal governments are not real.  The are corporations posing as governments and they are not . . . We have been TRICKED, and enslaved by lack of knowledge.  Learn More go to www.StopTheCrime.net - to the USA, Inc. link . . .

EBOLA: FINAL NAILS IN THE EBOLA SCAM COFFIN: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is a PROVEN FRAUD, Here is the Evidence. I Am Sick and Tired of Repeating this FACT Over and Over Again!