Zach Friend's Hard Core Communist Connections ...
 Or isn't it really the New World Order's Intelligence network?
   Depending on how old one is  ... virtually all of us all been propositioned by a flowery or social justice titled front ... originating from some disguised Communist or Intelligence program.
These coordinated connivers do know America's flaws ... and yes we have many.  The fronts usually seemed innocent and the people joining were usually well meaning. The people appeared preferable to those who didn't' care or who sat on their butts.  
Today people are catching on to the "con job.  Not because of the newspaper but the Internet.
This time we are not going to get caught in the same dopey trap that is designed to make us react emotionally rather than rationally.
It is crystal clear we have a political machine operated from the shadows that is running a serious and dangerous scam (a final solution) on the people of Monterey Bay, California.
Let us begin with the most ignored truism about Communism. That is:
Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment ... Communism is a tool of the banking establishment used to enslave the people.
Six years before the Communist Revolution in Russia, Robert Minor memorialized the bankers adoption of Karl Marx's Communism.  In his cartoon we see John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J. P. Morgan partner Perkins falling all over themselves welcoming Karl Marx to Wall Street.  
image 1
Robert Minor cartoonist, writer, activist was considered the most important American Communist by Benjamin Gitlow (founding member of the Communist Party) according to his book The Whole of their Lives .
Wall Street has funded Marxism ever since. ComuNazism centralizes power and keeps people under control while the central bankers loot and enslave them. The socialism keeps the monopolies in place and centralizes power. The people sometimes are allowed to select from pre-chosen candidates (machine) to administrate the collection of taxes and handling of mundane bills collecting a little graft along the way.
Communism has been the banker's killer corp in Russia, China, Cambodia, etc. See the Black Book of Communism  
An accelerated technological version of culling has been implemented here in the United States over the last decade. In the past, theU.S. was periodically, looted via recessions and depressions. Like the Vikings, they would wait until there was new wealth before the next rape and raid.  
The story has changed here. The conspirators are in place and they are ready for their final solution.
The U.S. power was used to enhance the UN,  NATO and establish the European Union as a global policeman for the central banks. Most of the U.S. industry is now overseas run with slave labor. (NAFTA)
More about the "culling" later.
Dr. Anthony Sutton in his Wall Street Series wrote a whole book called Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. It documents how the communist revolution was "planted and controlled" in Russia from NY and London.  Free download
  Bella Dodd was an organizer for the Communist Party for 15 years during some of the same time as Zach's Political Machine's hero ... Hugh DeLacy. Bella Dodd became part of it's National Committee.
Communist National Committeeman Dodd wrote "I would certainly like to find out who is really running this. I think the Communist conspiracy is merely a branch of a much bigger conspiracy" .  Her suspicions were confirmed when Moscow communications broke down in the late 40's. She was told to contact several designated persons at the Park Avenue, Waldorf Towers in NY.
One can read her book free on line since her books have been purged from the bookstores in America.
The Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors (acting as the political machine that it is) ... placed a plaque on the court house steps in honor Communist DeLacy that anyone can see.
This is the Santa Cruz machine giving the finger to free enterprise, liberty and self government.
The California Legislature wrote: Hugh DeLacy ..." devoted virtually all his time to the operation of Communist front organizations and spreading Communist propaganda."  
Those formally honoring this Communist Hugh DeLacy and his wife Dorothy (Colorado Communist organizer) at the Louden Nelson Center signed off as "comrades" on their celebration "Proclamation".
One one of those celebrating the communist was the former head of the  CIA and now heads  the Department of Defense (War).  
This would make a good comedy if it wasn't true. 
DeLacy isn't like some of us, tricked into supporting an isolated cause based on civil rights, peace or the environment that might feed a special interest. 
DeLacy is hard core. His connections include the Sorge Spy Ring (Agnes Smedley) Frederick Vanderbilt Field implicated in espionage by Laurence Duggan  (spy), and Guenther Stein (Soviet Spy).
Also attending the celebration at the Louden Nelson Center of Hugh DeLacy was fellow communist organizer Dan Bessie.  Bessiewas part of the Youth Action League (descendent of the Young Communist League. Both Bessie and DeLacy ran classes in Marxism at 4402 Melrose  in L. A. and shared a platform with advocates for Fair Play for Cuba.  
See Me & Lee  1
      Dan Bessie
Dan Bessie's father used the pseudonym David Ordway and was mentioned in government reports as one of a "very accurate ... list ... whose purpose" ... was to "set up an espionage system ...helping Soviet Russia ...".   Alvah Bessie also supported the Nazis.
We see below that Communist organizer and orchestrator Hugh DeLacy was the one who circulated Robley Levy's petition to get her elected as Santa Cruz supervisor.
The Santa Cruz Sentinel's Newspaper reporting was no better then ... than it is now.
The Sentinel endorsed the communist agent's choice. The Sentinel was run by Wall Street honchos Peter Kahn (CFR) and Karen Elliot House (CFR) related to Colonel Mandell House who wrote a blueprint book called Phillip Dru Administrator.
The book Philip Dru Administrator outlined a North American Union "as dreamed by Karl Marx" according to the book.The dictatorship is not unlike the county imposed United Nations Agenda 21. (You can find a free download for the book on line)
When Communist Hugh DeLacy died, he left his tools and many belonging to the Communists in Nicaragua.  
Bert Muhly (known in central America) as Santa Cruz's "Red Mayor" recently had a funeral. It was like old home week ... for the Communist Hugh DeLacy followers and handlers.
Those who celebrated Hugh DeLacy and Dorothy Baskin's Communist organizing decades ago renewed their "vows" so to speak. In attendance were John Laird, Gary Patton and Leon Panetta.
Leon Panetta (Secretary of War)recently announced he takes his orders from the UN.
Panetta  (Intelligence since his army days) has always been on the Rockefeller family's leash. After campaigning for Nelson Rockefeller, White House assignments, false fence sting operations like Institute for Policy Studies, Oceans Commissions with David Rockefeller Jr,  managing the billionaires California Forward and visits to Winthrop Rockefeller, display a relationship as close as any sibling.
   Panetta always on assignment for the Rockefeller Family
Brought into this Marxist political machine in attendance for the Red Mayor's funeral were two candidates for the 2012 Santa Cruz Supervisor race.  Zach Friend and John Leopold.
This political machine intends to change forever ... life in Monterey Bay.
The political machine is now conjoined with New Haven secret society visibility and hard core Obama Chicago style politics for their finale. (Which is your incarceration or death).
Those permitted to live in their "smart growth village" will be like that of an animal in aquarium ... like the 1960's series "The Prisoner".
The support for the final solution is traceable to the shadowy monied tax exempt foundations.
This control includes social movements designed to keep people operating under affinity thinking. (group think). 
Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, California Forward, COPA, etc
These are usually headed or funded by members of Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations and recipients of funds via the CIAand Trilateral conduits (Ford Foundation, Packard, Carnegie Foundation and a half a dozen others).
Zach Friend's political machine has been in the forefront of imposing Agenda 21 (Sovietization of local government) and contracts with ICLEI (world bank).  The machine fits the definition of a puppet government and stupid people submit themselves and their children to this advancing tyranny.
   The Red Mayor said his favorite photo is that of "his shaking hands with Che Guevara's father".
The Red Mayor's wife Lois Muhly donated to Zach Friend and John Leopold's campaign.  What else would you expect?
  Castro as an U.S. Intelligence Asset 
Zach Friend received campaign donations from Robley Levy. Levy was elected through the personal petitioning by key espionage Communist agent Hugh DeLacy.
  Zach Friend has a donation from Sean Smith who worked for secret skull & bones John Kerry and was campaigning for war mongrel  (Elihu secret society) Joe Lieberman (CFR).
Sean Smith ... Zach's campaign contributor runs the Capstone Project from Yale (home of Skull & Bones and Elihu) recruiting "special students" to work for the World Bank. 
1 1
Notice the "capstone" on the dollar bill.  The capstone is separated from the base of the pyramid representing mankind as incomplete and wanting. The capstone represents the "enlightened few" who reign in power over the world, and control the masses through the occult and technology.
Sean Smith was also a senior official with Homeland Security. The Santa Cruz city police stand down by police during the window breaking is thought by many as having been a "false flag" event to have the public accept more militarization and taxes. 
Aren't Zach Friend and John Leopold are already working for the World Bank ... why give them a supervisors salary just to rubber stamp more taxes and regulations?  
Zach Friend and the political machine work for the one percent.  
 Lieberman with skull & bones George Bush
Zach Friend and his Political Machine has values the exact opposite of John F Kennedy
The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society;
and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions.  Andno official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know."
The Santa Cruz political machine is deep in stealth.

Zach Friend the former head of the (Democratic Central Committee) has put the local party under the strict control of  world bank directives. Zach Friend's political machine is on the Malthusian Drive to cull the useless eaters targeting the senior citizens and the most vulnerable .
   Sheriff who choose to enforce world bank directives of  ICLEI rather than follow a passed resolution. A game of good cop bad cop ... tricking the people once again. Providing cover for the deceitful board of supervisors who has a contract with ICLEI.     
The County Sheriff Phil Wowak has endorsed the machine candidates Zach Friend and John Leopold.
Sheriff Wowak turned local peace officers into agents for the international bankers against the people. He used local law enforcement to force ICLEI (world bank) spy meters on homes and businesses. This is no different than a third world country ... except American's think they are free.
Zach Friend and John Leopold are more interested in endorsements than fighting for the people rights. they are systematically taking them away.
CIA head David Petraeus now brags the Gestapo meters save his agency from having to get warrants from judges and they now can spy on everyone..

After having been given full knowledge of the health damage caused by Operation Cloverleaf  (chemtrails) the three members of the Santa Cruz political Machine Mark Stone, Ellen Pirie, Neil Coonerty have endorsed both Zach Friend and John Leopold.  And they each other.
Both Pirie and Neil Coonerty on the Air Resources Board have keep the people in the dark about this deleterious tampering with their lives.
The so-called Santa Cruz Community of Diversity has most of it's institutions in a harness and muzzled. The good people believe is that their institutions are local. They are not!
This political machine ... doesn't represent the people ... but the international bankers.  They usepalatable, luring slogans in opposition to hyper inflated problems to take advantage of the people. But they are consolidating power for the central banks.
Like a Judas goats they are advancing a scientific culling they think they are immune to. 
Take for example ... Luis Alejo (Unruh fellowship brainwashing) returns from Harvard as mayor to advocate forced dumping of Fluoride on his constituents after they voted against it!
Of course, Luis Alejo endorsed the candidates of the Political Machine representing the International Community. If you like fluoride vote Leopold and Friend.
The Political Machine is not different than a "puppet government" in a third world country administrating ICLEI and UN Agenda 21law.
In Part II you will read ... how the Santa Cruz Political Machine has been key to a bad economy, increased deliberate injury to health and high crime and low wages.
When you see the political signs for John Leopold and Zach Friend think of the corruption! Think taxes, rules, regulations, geo-engineering sterilants in the air and water.
Leopold and Friend ... Like Leopold and Loeb  ...They do it because they can.
Are you going to  Help or Stop the Machine?