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RESILIENT CITIES-Responding to the Crash, Peak Oil and Climate Change
By Peter Newman-Professor of Sustainability-Curtin University-Australia

TRAUMA TRAINING: Be Climate Ready - Prepare for Weaponized Weather Strikes the Hazards and Vulnerabilities . . . of weather warfare
Our cities, counties, and states are amping up resilient planning programs, also known as adaptability, to help us be trauma ready. These resiliency/Trauma plans where proposed by the Rockefeller Foundation and Rothschild network of corporate criminal agencies. Their programs are in large part funded by grants that obligates tax payers pay, and int turn generate profits for the perpetrators while placing blame on all of us who are not resilient and flexible. We must be trained to manage the stress of the Attrition Warfare being covertly waged upon society. Yes, we are to be trained to manage the stress of intentional infliction, pain, suffering, stress, trauma, physical displacement, loss of communities ravaged by devastating storms, earthquakes, floods, economic failures, injuries, loss of life, (Sea Level Rise) and more.
We are brainwashed into believing there are no technologies being used intentionally to cause us injury. However, more people are realizing the many types of weapons that include not only directed energy weapons (lazars, microwaves, WiFi, cell towers, antennas, cell phones, etc.) but the full force of weather weaponry systems in their theater of operations that are being used on all of us.

We are being psychologically conditioned to bounce back from the harm caused to us through resilient training programs funded by our tax dollars called grants, and all orchestrated by Rockefeller and Rothschild. We are being told must learn to accept the consequences of infliction or be identified as a person that is not able to emotionally cope or handle climate change disasters and disruptions. Resilience programs make perfect sense when you understand the enormity of the fraud being perpetrated upon all of us through the false science of Global Warming and Climate Change. In order to continue with blaming each one of us for unprecedented weather events that are deliberately induced by the large-global scale manipulation of the Earth's climate by weather weapons there needed to be additional schemes to further develop the crime. The First Pillar was to convince the public to reduce their C02 emissions, which of course is acknowledged to have ZERO effect on the weather. The Second Pillar to brainwash the public with constant media messaging about how we MUST learn to adapt to changing weather conditions due to climate change.

To find out if your city is working with Rockefeller's and Rothschild's resilient training programs in order to help you better cope and handle the stress of their crimes - type in your search bar the Reliant Cities and Adaptability Plans. . . and look at the links below -

Rockefeller Foundation
Resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities and systems to survive, adapt, ... Without it, cities, industry, agriculture, and most of our energy production ...

100 Resilient Cities – Rockefeller Foundation - This link Demonstrates a DELPHI Meeting . . .
Climate Ready Sonoma County: Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities . . .

http://www.sctainfo.org/pdf/Climate Ready_Hazards_Vulnerabilities.pdf

Executive Summary

Climate Readiness – Why do we need to prepare?

As scientists refine global climate models to create projections of future conditions at the local level, it becomes clear that Sonoma County’s future climate will include more very hot days, less predictable rain, more extreme weather events, and higher ocean levels. Using historic data to predict future conditions is no longer adequate for long-term policy planning and decision-making, as local leaders work to protect the long-term vision for a vibrant Sonoma County.

The risks, uncertainties, and volatility associated with climate change pose potentially high costs to communities in terms of public health, safety, economic vitality, security, and quality of life. While some uncertainty remains in the timing of changes – especially due to uncertainty regarding future global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions scenarios – there is enough confidence in projected trends to begin the work of preparing for climate hazards now. Preparing now will yield more cost-effective and flexible strategies than delaying action until responding to unprecedented conditions.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential, but not enough

Our vulnerability to climate hazards is determined in large part by whether humanity reduces GHG emissions. The worst-case future scenarios are created by runaway emissions. Stopping climate change by dramatically reducing emissions is the most effective way to reduce climate change hazards. Sonoma County has long been a leader in mitigating GHG emissions and working to reduce the pace of climate change. However, despite local efforts, climate change is already happening and accelerating. Climate adaptation refers to policies, programs, and actions that reduce our vulnerability to climate change hazards and bolster community readiness to face the unavoidable climate impacts already underway.

How can we prepare?

Cities, counties, and other institutions throughout the United States and California have begun to prepare for climate change by assessing local risks and developing plans to respond to those risks.