Smart Meters - Penal Code 498 - Utility Meter Tampering

Smart Meters Emit Dangerous Radiation - We know it - They Know it . . .


Penal Code 498 only applies to those trying to steal electricity. There has to be "intent" to steal electricity. In our meter replacement kit instructions we specifically give a warning to NOT steal any electricity. The only way to steal electricity is to bypass the meter. We never suggest any such thing. ( The laws against wiretapping and assault by radiation are far more applicable to the situation than PC 498. The power companies don't realize what is coming their way. They are not government agencies. The officers and employees can be individually named, sued and prosecuted for what they are doing right now to us.

You make the observation of something evil. I agree that major evil is a factor in our current global geo-socio-politic. For instance, if we know that Smart Meters emit dangerous radiation, so do power companies. They know it. Think about that. Even when you TELL them the facts, the science, the clinical evidence, the law, they still don't remove the meter, don't change policy, don't acknowledge reality. So, People who KNOW the EMR is harmful want to CONTINUE to expose you to the EMR (Radiation). Yes, there is something evil here, very clearly. 

It is impossible to argue that, say, ten years ago people did not know the hazards of EMF exposure. Since microwave ovens have been sold people have known the dangers of EMF. That's more than 30 years. Was it just one or two fools who decided to put high-density pulsed EMR on the side of everyone's home? No, it was every power company in the civilized world. All their scientists, all their engineers, all their researchers have decided to put something they know to be unhealthful and dangerous on everyone's home. Anyone who does not see something evil, actually globally, massively evil here, is simply whistling Dixie. 

The Smart Meter and it's high-density pulsed radiation is not a "mistake" or an "oversight". Add to that the chemical dumps in the sky, known toxins and live pathogens in vaccinations, useless but toxic additives in many packaged foods, the upcoming assault on the food supplement industry (codex alimentarius), continuance of oil-based fuels (there were functional non-polluting electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles and farm equipment prior to 1960), toxic industrial waste (fluoride) in water, the "smart growth" concept of packing human beings into unhealthful high-density living conditions where they can be easily watchedtaxedcontrolled and poisoned. Smart Meters enable all four of those things.

The environmental movement has been co-opted by global depopulationists and eugenecists. It's absolutely true that nothing would be better for the environment than to murder 90% of the world's human population. This is a mission to the global elite (see below). The very new and perverse argument that human rights are now subordinate to "the environment" is the device of would-be global tyrants and the super-wealthy who wish to "clear off" the world's human population to about 1/2 billion (from 7 billion) in the fastest way possible while maintaining "plausible deniability" of deliberate genocide.  

To to get a picture of the "evil" Google searches on the following terms:
"georgia guidestones 500,000,000"
"depopulation melinda gates"
"depopulation al gore"
"depopulation george soros"
"depopulation united nations"
"depopulation world bank"
"depopulation warren buffet"
"depopulation ted turner"
"depopulation oprah winfrey"
"depopulation CFR"
"depopulation NSA"
"depopulation club of rome"
"depopulation kissinger"
"depopulation zbigniew brzezinski"
"depopulation agenda 21"
"depopulation ICLEI"
"depopulation smart grid"
"depopulation monsanto"

I could go on. . .