Attached is the SMART METER HEALTH REPORT put out by a CALIFORNIA HEALTH DEPARTMENT that clearly demonstrates and concludes that there are significant and serious health effects from smart meters and that public agencies are the only source of protection from such an involuntary radiation threat.

Please distribute this report to all relevant persons and organizations that you know, particularly to all those groups world-wide who suspect a problem with these so-called smart meters.

Also distribute this report to those who are unaware of the serious problems the smart meters cause.  Many people are unaware because the advertising has been massive and false and far more professionally done and successful than even the cigarette industry last century.

Because radiation is invisible to the eye and because the extensive damage already occurring cannot easily be isolated from other illnesses by regular people, it is extremely difficult for most people to imagine the damage that is occurring to their bodies and that of their children's.  The symptoms don't typically occur or aren't recognized immediately other than in a small percentage of the population which is then called Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).

Those with EHS may be the lucky ones because they immediately learn that they need to avoid the radiation.  For the majority without EHS, their illnesses and cancers typically come later when their illnesses are more likely to be irreversible, such as not being able to fix their damaged reproduction system or mend damaged portions of the brain that have been impaired by breaches in the blood-brain barrier.

Anyway, send this report out also to all people that you care about.  In ten or 15 years, the damage from WIRELESS Smart Meters will be common knowledge, but today it is not well known as a percentage of our total population.  Fortunately the information is spreading quickly as the internet has served as a tool to share the truth amongst those we have never met.