Radiowaves Modulation

Radiowaves are often “modulated”, i.e., modified so as to carry broadcasts or telephone information. Modulation increases the biological harm done by the EMR. Pulsing, the starting and stopping of the radiation to send short bursts of information, increases harm. The microwaves from cell towers, smart meters, and the like, are pulsed, modulated waves.

In the late 1970's, a $4.5M study was done at the University of Washington, funded by the U.S. Air Force, found that pulsed microwaves greatly increased cancer rates in test animals.

What is toxic EMR and why are we not protected?

The public remains largely naïve and unaware of the harm that they are receiving from pulsed microwave radiation from many devices—cellphones, cell towers and smart meters. Toxic EMRs from these devices are not usually felt with exception of being electromagnetic hypersensitive. The EHS person quickly feels the toxic EMR as pain, hotness, and even tingling. Despite the fact that the effects are not noticeable for most people we should all call such radiation toxic EMR, because it is toxic and it is harmful to health. The intensity (power from the source and distance from the source) as well as how the radiation is modulated and pulsed, determines the toxicity. As with any poison, some people are more susceptible than others. The FDA has grossly inadequate standards for microwave emitting devices. The FDA has failed to act—despite the explosion of wireless EMR technologies.

If an enemy wanted to harm large number so people, they would surely consider such a poison as this, leaving not a trace of a chemical poison.