• We know these weaponized military technologies were first used heavily by the military for spying and battlefield applications.

  • The CIA became very interested, many decades ago, in microwaves: how can they influence someone's mental state?

  • And how can they harm without wounds and bleeding?

  • The level of research and knowledge is profound, but not shared with the public. So, is the roll-out of Smart Meters, like the roll-out of cell phones and cell towers, a covert action by the CIA?

  • And for what purpose?

  • Infertility, depopulation, mind control. And Big Pharma reaps more profits when people have more problems, anything from difficulties sleeping and depression to diabetes, cancer and heart attacks.

  • These people are not dumb, they are not stupid, they are “evil.”

    Department of the Army – Fort Mead

“Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons”

    Radiofrequency directed energy and Microwave (EMF/RF Radiation) on Targets

The following are some of the effects stated in this military document. This list represents some of the many bio effects of selective non-lethal weapons:

  • Electromagnetic fields influence biological systems cause adverse affects on human health (cancer, reproduction, etc.)

  • Increase in brain temperature—disruption of working memory resulting in disorientation.

  • Prolonged high temperatures can cause severe brain damage. Cerebral edema damaged neurons cause the victim to exhibit disorientation, delirium and convulsions.

  • Every human is subject to the affects of heating. The predictability is 100 percent. Slow onset of such frequency can be unrecognized by the person being irradiated.

  • Uncomfortable high body temperatures, useful in negotiations or crowd control.

  • Inability to consolidate memory of the recent (minutes) past.

  • Buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking sounds can originate “within” or immediately behind the head to distract the targeted individual.

  • Aiming devices send microwave energy great distances. Signals target individuals from long distances (hundred of meters).

  • Some loss of consciousness and intense muscle spasms.

  • Pulsed electric fields—affect heart beating, breathing.

  • Electromagnetic pulse—seizure induction.

  • Targeted individuals can be incapacitated very quickly—one hundred percent of the population is susceptible.

  • Incapacitating affect—acoustic energy--(the Hum).

  • Persons exposed to these levels of sound experience nausea and vomiting. Eyes move involuntarily. External world is interpreted as moving.

  • Complaints of dizziness, and vertigo, blurred vision.

  • Offensive advantage—perception of sickness can make a subject susceptible to persuasion.

  • Technology suited for groups of people.

Locals Despair as the “Hum” Makes Life a Living Hell

  • A constant, pulsating, low-frequency noise, the source of which cannot be traced, despite best efforts.

  • Ringing in the ears all day and disrupting sleep at night.

  • Constantly hearing the bizarre humming sound since April 2011 and making their lives a complete misery.

  • Similar mystery noises, all involving persistent and invasive low-frequency humming sounds, have been reported in many parts of the world and complaints have been voiced by residents in several locations, including England, Russia, New Mexico, new Zealand and Indiana.