On July 10th, PG&E called the city of Sebastopol and said they would begin installing smartmeters in town within the "next 2 weeks", in spite of the fact that there are ongoing proceedings at the CPUC to consider community-wide opt outs, and further define the costs associated and who should pay.

In response, the City passed a unanimous resolution last night at 11:30 pm. It very strongly asks to delay Smartmeter installation until after the California Public Utilities Commission finishes the formulation of Community opt outs and identifies the real costs. The hearings are currently in process, known as the Phase 2 Smartmeter Opt Out Proceedings.

These proceedings could last into the coming fall. Hopefully, PG&E will respect the resolution.


Thanks very much to Nina Beety for providing much of the timeline and background material the city used to compose their resolution.

I have attached the original version of the resolution. It was altered somewhat last night. Very little was changed except the following: (the city council's) "Interest in Opting Out" was deleted form the resolution and the title.  Since the city is closed on Fridays, we do not yet have the revised version.

Here is the link to the Press Democrat article of today: