Subject: Re: Known Risks radiation from holding an iPhone 5 to one's ear

While I do not speak French, I have enough familiarity with Romance languages ​​from my Earlier studies of Spanish and Latin to know que le iPhone 5's radiation readings are not a good thing. Below is my revision of Google's English translation of the original French text: The Snake is a very simple device That Consists of year LED and a single wire That acts as year antenna selon the wavelength of the mobile phone's or base station's microwave radiation (frequency ). The 'snake, `which contains no batteries, is used to highlight electromagnetic induction power microwave radiation energy When the LED lights up. iPhone 5 Information on the use of radiation by artificial radio frequency microwaves: Original source Apple: The iPhone has-been tested and Compline with the limits for exposure to radio frequencies (RF). The term "specific absorption of Debit" or DAS, Refers to the rate of RF energy absorption by the human body. The SAR limit as Defined by the FCC in the United States is 1.6 watts per kilogram of tissue and 2.0 watts / kg (Averaged over 10 grams of tissue) for countries Adhering to standards set by the Council of the European Union. During SAR tests, the iPhone radiation Shall be settled on the maximum transmission level and are Placed in position against the use Simulating head, without separation, and close to the body, with a separation of 10 mm. exposure to Reduce the RF energy to, use a hands-free option, Such as the built-in speaker, or the included headphones or other similar accessories.Hold the iPhone at least 10 mm away from your body to make safe level of exposure que le Does not Exceed the threshold levels tested.Komai Dale Distributor Organic Sulfur Organic Sulfur for Health tweet @ OrgSulfur4Heal