Experts WARN - Electromagnet Radiation Dangers Using iPads in the Classroom . . . 
  Sample letter with attachments to send to schools . . .

John Weigel, in Ireland, urges us to ALL send the attached to all schools . . . Our children are in DANGER . . .

I've just sent the following to a school that is installing wi-fi / iPads - God help them...

Dear Parents,

I am writing to ask you to reconsider the policy of using iPads in the classroom.

Experts around the world are warning people of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation - especially to children.

Please watch the following video:

 I have just received a call from an expert in Scotland who was upset that people would be forced to pay for technology which has been proven to harm at least some of the children who are exposed.

 This is not the place to argue further. As someone who has studied this problem for years, I would not be much of a human being if I did not try to warn you to protect the children. In the event you require further information please feel free to contact me.

In hope you arrive at a safe decision,

Kind regards,
John Weigel
The Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection

John Weigel wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If we can not see microwaves, how can humanity deal with this latest technology which emits microwaves?

 What escape is there? What protection is there? Anything and everything can be made to broadcast microwaves.

 A dramatically sad, potentially tragic development...

Kind regards,

John Weigel