Judge Denies Order - NO Stopping Smart Meters - YouTube  (Lawless Courts and lawless laws)

"Silent Weapons Quiet War" is a document posted on  You will note that lawless laws were planned to further the New World Order takeover of the WORLD . . . Full Energy Dominance is only "one" of the goals.

We are going into a totalitarian governance, full surveillance, sound weapons, the grid and sensors on everything.  

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PS - google Mt. Weather . . it's in Virginia and operates under FEMA since the mid 1950's .

Guam - The plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against the Guam Power Authority over the installation of smart meters says he’s not discouraged by a Judge’s decision to deny his motion for a temporary restraining order. In fact, he says he plans to re-file his motion soon.

District Court Judge Joaquin Manibusan yesterday denied plaintiff Christopher Allen’s motion for a temporary restraining order that would stop GPA from placing a smart meter in his home.

In his order, the judge writes that quote “he fails to satisfy the requirements necessary to obtain a TRO.” Judge Manibusan notes that Allen merely asserts that the smart meters are dangerous to his health, but doesn’t provide any evidence to back his theory. Allen sat down with us today and says he’s going to resubmit his motion for a temporary restraining order.

"I really think that the judge after looking at my pleadings he appears to believe that I am competent enough that I can do the research ... and able to meet the standards for the court," says Allen.

Allen filed the lawsuit and is asking the court to issue an injunction that would prevent GPA from installing smart meters islandwide. Consolidated Commission on Utilities Chairman Simon Sanchez says he’s pleased with the Judge’s decision. But he also emphasizes that GPA is studying how other jurisdictions have developed an opt-out policy, which GPA plans to introduce in their February CCU meeting.

"So it could be that the events will occur that would remove the need for this issue at all. If we grant an opt-out Mr. Allen could choose to opt out but he’ll have to pay for whatever the cost of opting out might be, if there is a cost," says Sanchez.

But Allen says an opt out policy may not be enough.

"The reason I’m continuing is because I know that the electromagnetic frequencies go out for 92 feet so my neighbor to the right and my neighbor to the left--that stuff is coming right through my wall. It’s no longer about me and actually it never was ... it’s about the people who don’t have the time to do the research because we’re all so busy making a living. Simply Google smart meter dangers and find out what’s going on," Allen notes.

Sanchez acknowledges Allen’s concerns, but he continues to maintain that smart meters are safe. He also says that the US Navy on Guam will be completing their installation of the smart meters by the end of 2013.

"We know smart meters emit far less radio frequencies than microwaves or cell phones and the Federal Communications Commission has said, has regulated all of these radio frequencies," Sanchez states. "And we need to remember that the federal government funded something like $4 billkion worth of grants to American communities…. The federal government said that they feel that good utilities in America need to move to smart grid because it’ll help with more renewable energy projects, it’ll help reduce cost, it’ll be more efficient, and it’ll modernize distribution."

GPA is currently in the process of installing smart meters throughout the island and they are expected to complete the project by this summer.