The Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid (ADS) is a nonprofit organization, originally formed in 2004 as the Demand Response Coordinating Committee (DRCC).  ADS is an organization consisting of professionals and organizations involved in demand response and smart grid.  It provides services to help its members in the conduct of their work and in the attainment of their personal, corporate and governmental objectives.  ADS seeks to establish and grow a demand response “community” of policymakers, utilities, system operators, technology companies, consumers, and other stakeholders.

Check out their presentation (attached) on how to use their Communication Umbrella Action Guide to sell these bio-hazards to the public. We are the "Resisters"

Addressing consumer concerns, page 23
"Health concerns over Radio Frequency emissions - The science supports that smart meters are not a danger and emit less than mobile phones, baby monitors, and microwave ovens. Links to 3rd party studies, especially those conducted by health professionals, confirming findings should be made available on utility websites. For customers who remain unconvinced, the utilities would do well to provide alternatives such as relocation of the meter or “organic” meters without radio transmitters. As these are likely to be a few customers with big voices, from a communications’ perspective, it is better to recognize the fear is real and let them opt-out. Encourage groups focused on environmental justice to write to local media and express their support for integration of renewables enabled by smart grid."