Lied, Spied and Fried . . . Look at the NASA WAR document on

The "deployment" of smart meters by the global elite's is for  "Full Spectrum Energy Dominance". 

This is the NWO agenda for total control of all energy resources.  This is a military assault of frequencies upon the population.

Take your smart meter OFF . . . contact for a safe electric meter and notices to serve your utility company. .

Keep your safe analog meter . . and do not pay opt out fees . . . .for a fraud

Smart Meter Alert - PG&E and Other Utilities Opt Out a Fraud . . . . .opt outs are "solved" by bridging the gap(s) by either stronger signals or more collector units 

Tom Wilson, an engineer in Florida, disclosed in no uncertain terms that he had not been optimistic about the opt out idea when it comes to health issues.   The ambient RF stays the same.  If health issues are caused by SMPS, it is possible that an opt out can help, but not guaranteed.  That said, privacy concerns can be addressed by opting out.

"Inefficiencies" caused by opt outs are "solved" by bridging the gap(s) by either stronger signals or more collector units -- according to him.  Tom Wilson predicted this a long time ago.

A San Francisco Anti Smart Meter activist alerted us to this.  

"Included in PG&E's opt-out costs are filling in the "gaps" in its network caused by opt-outs and analogs. That means installing more network nodes. Which means opting out to reduce exposure is rendered useless by these additional devices. Even though the meters have a large broadcast range, it's not good enough for the utility companies.  

An opt-out has never been more than a short-term step in the right direction because of the mesh network and the widespread Smart Meters. And now the utility companies in the form of PG&E are very clear that they will make sure each of our neighborhoods has all the benefits of the Smart Meter program. This renders the opt-out basically useless.

If there was any doubt about PG&E not listening, this should erase it."

Here's the excerpt from PG&E's brief:

Development of an engineering solution to restore the network when the removal of SmartMeters™ degrades the network, and to address necessary installation of compensating network devices. This work is needed in order to ensure that the benefits of SmartMeter™ technology are maintained for customers who continue to participate in PG&E’s SmartMeter™ Program.

…The estimate for the capital cost of engineering and installing additional nodes to address network degradation was developed by first determining the estimated number of nodes needed during the 2012-2013 period. PG&E estimated this count based on an engineering/IT study described in its testimony.34/ This count of additional required nodes was then multiplied by the unit cost of the materials, labor, and attachment fees needed per installation. The estimate for the long-term network diagnostic solution was based on the actual costs of the team as of June 30, 2012, and a forecast of costs for the period July 1, 2012 through January 31, 2013.35/ The cost tracking and accounting will separate degradation costs relating to the Opt-Out Program from those related to other causes, as well as those not identified and mitigated during the 2012- 2013 period.36/